Current Projects

Amnesty, Prosecution and the Public Interest in the Northern Ireland Transition

(funded by AHRC)

Dr Louise Mallinder

Women and Peacebuilding: Developing Shared Learning

with the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, funded by EU Peace III Programme

Professor Monica McWilliams

Amnesty Guidelines Project

(funded by Nuffield Foundation)

Dr Louise Mallinder and Professor Tom Hadden

Lawyers, Conflict and Transition

(funded by ESRC)

Dr Louise Mallinder

Reparations for Conflict-related Sexual Violence

(consultancy project with UN Women)

Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Dr Catherine O'Rourke & Aisling Swaine

Transitional Justice Toolkit

(funded by Bridge of Hope, Ashton Community Trust)

Eilish Rooney

Re-entry Problems: A comparative study of the post-prison experience of former political prisoners

in South Africa and Northern Ireland

(funded by British Academy)

Professor Bill Rolston

Assessing Gender Harms and Remedies in Post-Conflict Societies

(funded by British Academy)

Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain

Women and Peace Agreements 1325 Dataset

Professor Christine Bell and Dr Catherine O'Rourke

The Role of Databases in Transitional Justice Research

(funded by SLSA)

Dr Louise Mallinder and Dr Catherine O'Rourke

Measuring Success and Failure of Peace Agreements
Professor Christine Bell and Ms Catherine O'Rourke

Consultative Group on the Past / Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland
(Professor Colm Campbell)

Special Courts

(Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain and Professor Colm Campbell)

Transitional Justice and Public Space

(Dr Kris Brown)


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