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The Peace Agreement Database provides details of over 640 peace agreements signed since 1990, addressing conflicts that affect over 85 jurisdictions. The Database lists peace agreements by conflict, and gives details of the date signed, parties and third parties to each agreement. Further, the Database provides details of the substance of the each agreement, by setting out the location in the text and a short synopsis of each agreement's provisions in the following categories: dealing with the past (amnesty, past mechanism, prisoner release, victims), undoing the legacy of the past (refugees, land), state institutional reform (criminal justice, policing, judicial reform, new rights institutions), enforcing the agreement (enforcement mechanism, international community, UN involvement), and agreement provisions addressing a range of other issues, such as women, civil society, and socio-economic/development. The Database also indicates where the full text of each peace agreement can be found. The database should be referenced as 'Peace Agreement Database', Bell and O'Rourke (2010).



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*NEW* Women and Peace Agreements 1325 Dataset

This new dataset documents all the peace agreements mentioning women, gender, or related terms (such as ‘widows’).  It also lists agreements where the United Nations was a third party to the agreement, and provides a cross-referenced list of ‘UN’ peace agreements mentioning women and gender.  Finally, the dataset includes a short qualitative assessment of the issues dealt with by peace agreement provision on women.   A full account and analysis of the data is produced at Christine Bell & Catherine O’Rourke, (2010)  ‘Peace Agreements or ‘Pieces of Paper’? The Impact of UNSC Resolution 1325 on Peace Processes and their Agreements’ 59 International & Comparative Law Quarterly 941-80, and any references to the dataset should be to this article.   Questions on the dataset can be directed to either author (;





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