Lawyers, Conflict and Transition

Dr Louise Mallinder of the TJI has been awarded £600,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for a research project on 'Lawyers, Conflict and Transition' with colleagues from Queen's University Belfast, Professor Kieran McEvoy and Dr Marny Requa.  The project will begin in March 2012.

This project will explore the role of lawyers in transitions from violence or authoritarianism. Despite the centrality of the rule of law to the contemporary theory and practice of transitional justice, there is little emphasis in the relevant literature on the role of lawyers outside the courts or indeed as the 'real people' at work in the system. Although the importance of different forms of agency exercised by lawyers in peaceful societies is well established, analysis of their diverse roles in transitions is significantly underdeveloped in the literature. Lawyers are often key actors in strategic litigation or popular mobilisation before transitions, in political negotiations prior to and during a transition, in enacting legal reforms and testing their meaning in the courts, and in shaping the work of past-focused initiatives that address issues such as truth, accountability and reconciliation.

Project Team:

Kieran McEvoy (Queen’s University Belfast) primary investigator

Louise Mallinder (TJI), senior co-investigator

Marny Requa (Queen’s University Belfast) co-investigator

Full Details of Project


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