Professor Colm Campbell at Buenos Aires Conference on Crimes Against Humanity

20 March 2012

‘One size of justice does not fit all – different kinds of transition require different justice components. A fuller understanding of typologies of transition may shed new light on intractable justice questions”. These were the central elements of a presentation by TJI founding director, Professor Colm Campbell, at “Making Justice: Further Discussions on the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity in Argentina”, a conference organized in Buenos Aires by the International Centre for Transitional Justice (New York), and the Centre for Legal and Social Studies (Argentina).

Professor Campbell continued: ‘while quantitative analysis may have shown a link between transitional justice trials and strengthened democracy, this demonstrates correlation, not causation. It could be that trials strengthen democracy, or that the attainment of a certain level of democracy facilitates trials, or  that each facilitates or strengthens the other, or that other factors are at work.’

The event was marked by lively debates, with contributions from academics, NGO representatives, and state officials from Argentina and Brazil involved in investigating violations under earlier periods of military rule. To carry the process forward, the final day saw the launch of a book with the same title as the conference, an English language version of which is available from CELS on CD.

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